About Svencelė settlement

In the place where Svenceli port is now, duck farms once existed. After clearing the territory and planning the urban conversion with Dutch urban planners, this coast of the Curonian Lagoon was accidentally discovered by sailors and wind guides - kitesurfers. The opening of access to the water was noticed by water sports lovers, as the coasts of the Curonian Lagoon are usually densely overgrown.

Restless wind, wild nature and spaces that provide freedom and minimalistic, modern architecture with clear forms, open to the contact of man and nature, breathed new life into this place, and the atmosphere here is completely different from that of other places in Lithuania, allowing the unique settlement of Svencelė to be created. Today, Svencelė reminds many of Venice or Holland, where houses are located on water canals, and water communication is a common daily routine.

Those who want to relax in the wild rhythm of Svencelė, choose to spend the night at Svencelė camping, where under the stars and moonlight, the experiences of travelers intertwine and new friendships are born. Once you come to Svenceli, you won't forget it, because here time seems to stop and it becomes easy to enjoy peace and the beauty of nature.